19 January 2018
  • To operate a world-class consortium of Efik Associations (otherwise known as chapters) located in the mainland USA and to 'open doors of opportunities' for our people and other minorities through the implementation of various charitable programs.
  • Houston 2018! We join all Houstonians to celebrate the re-emergence of the city following Hurricane Harvey. We will have a thanksgiving celebration with our Efik brethren in Houston. Save the dates *** July 26-29, 2018*** Let's make it an unforgettable Efik family reunion!
  • Our efforts to develop our communities in the US and in Calabar are embodied in our signature programs.  ENA-USA seeks to empower and uplift Efiks and other minorities in US communities where we reside and in our beloved homeland, Calabar, Nigeria.  Join Us!

The Efik National Association
P.O. Box 38325
Detroit, MI 48328
(313) 320-0742

Welcome toThe Efik National Association

The imagery of the open door with cascading outside light fading into the montage, projects the metaphor of a community that welcomes everyone with open arms and provides many opportunities for Efik-Americans and other minorities alike in the areas of health, education and personal development.

We are poised to promote cultural awareness through our web-based Efik language tutorial for our youth and adults, and as a way of preserving our cultural heritage.

The ENA-USA fosters youth monitoring programs, provides scholarship awards to deserving students, and encourages community services that promote access to health information for personal empowerment.

We encourage both members and non-members of The Efik National Association USA Inc. to make their donations online.  This assistance will enable The ENA-USA to fulfill its future goals.  By preserving our culture and promoting patriotism in our youths today, the Efik heritage and tradition will continue to be a very important part of our evolving history.  Please visit our Donation page.