19 January 2018

The Efik National Association
P.O. Box 38325
Detroit, MI 48328
(313) 320-0742

Board of Trustees

ENA-USA Board of Trustees  – Terms of Reference

Structure & Mandate of the Board of Trustees (BOT)

The primary mandate of the Board of Trustees is that of an advisory role only.

The Board of Trustees shall comprise of seven appointed voting members. Membership to the ENA-USA Board of Trustees shall only be based on an appointment and confirmation by the duly elected President and members of the Executive Committee.

The President shall also serve as a non-voting member as stipulated in the ENA-USA By-Laws. The Board of Trustees shall convene quarterly meetings each year.

Research & Development

The Trustees shall have the freedom to research any topic that they deem important; and shall suggest innovative ideas that would add value to the personal and communal development and growth of the Efik people in the USA.

The Trustees may organize lectures, symposia or workshops to draw attention to issues of significance that impact on us as a people living in the US Diaspora, or in our Homeland.

Outreach & Mediation

In the event that the National President and members of the Executive Committee are unsuccessful in resolving a conflict(s) within the ranks of its membership, the President shall formally request in writing the need for mediation from the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees are encouraged to routinely reach out to members of the ENA-USA community through phone calls or other personal contacts, as a way of promoting community activism and involvement.


The Trustees shall avoid conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety during their tenure in office.

All Trustees shall devote adequate time to prepare for Board and committee meetings, as jointly determined by the generality of its membership.

Members of the Board Trustees shall serve at the pleasure of the President and the Executive.

All recommendations from the board shall be presented and voted on by the Executive; and will be implemented only with the support of a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

1. Dr. Roseline Rowan, Esq. — Chair
2. Deacon Eyo Ephraim — Member
3. Chief Adolphus Eyo Ita — Member
4. Rev. (Dr.) E. Andinam — Member
5. Chief (Dr.) Anne Wagner — Member
6. Dr. John Esin – Member
7. Chief (Dr.) Chris Effiong — ENA-USA President