19 January 2018

The Efik National Association
P.O. Box 38325
Detroit, MI 48328
(313) 320-0742

The Efik Community in The United States

The office of Diaspora Matters and Culture was created by The Efik National Association president Mr.  Paul Orok Bassey-Duke in September 2010.  The vision of the office is to maintain a nurturing relationship between the Efik Community in North America and the Efik Kingdom in Nigeria.  This relationship will help to sustain and preserve our ethnic identity, and bequeath to our children our cultural heritage.

Efik sons and daughters came to the Americas mostly to acquire academic education in diverse professional areas, and they have been very successful in their different fields of human endeavor.  These Efik sons and daughter, who came to North America as individuals, have come together as an Efik community to foster unity, love, and prosperity. Amongst them are lawyers, medical doctors, engineers, architects, chemists, pharmacist, accountants, professors, nurses, administrators, private business owners, clergies, homemakers, and the list goes on.

Today, we have at least three generations of Efiks in North America, with the largest concentration in the United States of America.  The existence of the Efik Community in the United States came through the formation of local Efik associations in the late 80′s and early 90′s.  The collective effort of the local associations culminated in the formation of The Efik National Association in February 1997 at a meeting in Houston, Texas.  We are very proud to say that the Efik culture as obtained in Efik Kingdom in Nigeria is alive and strong in the Efik Community of the United States of America.

The existence and progress of the Efik Community in the United States is very important to the Efik Kingdom and the Royal Court in particular.  With that note, His Eminence, Edidem Ekpo Okon Otu V, Obong of Calabar, requested a representation of the Efik community in the United States at the Obong’s Executive Forum and we have responded.

Dr. Chris Bassey Effiong is the Efik Community representative for Diaspora Matters and Culture.  He is a pivotal member of the Efik Community in the United States, a cultural custodian at heart and in act.  Dr.  Effiong is the founder of Nka Ikemesit Charitable Organization, the oldest surviving Efik association in the United States.

Dr. Effiong has led a rewarding academic and professional life.  His academic laurels include: Avionics Diploma, School of Aviation, Zaria, 1978; B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio1985; M.S.  Electrical Engineering, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana 1989; and Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Howard University, District of Columbia 1998.

Dr. Effiong was a Mathematics Instructor at the University of New Orleans, New Orleans (1987-90; Research Assistant, Powers Systems Laboratory, Howard University 1991-1998; Assistant Professor of Engineering, University of Tennessee, Martin 1999 – 2006; currently he is a Senior Regional Planning Engineer for electrical transmission and system interconnection with NV Energy, Reno, Nevada.  He is a registered professional engineer in the states of Tennessee and Nevada.  Dr. Effiong is married with children to Dr. Rosemary I. Offiong-Effiong.